Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Made a new decision

Hello to anyone who is reading our adoption blog! (I hope someone is)

In previous posts, I have discussed how our wonderful friend Pam had offered to take care of our twin boys while Dave and I go to China to get Jade-Rose. For the longest time, we thought that decision had been made and decided, and that was that, and we felt blessed by her offer. However, after much discussion last week, Dave and I decided to bring the boys to China with us. SURPRISE! Well, it is a surprise for us.
So.. last week, we talked to our physician and he looked at our boys shot records (I do a much slower schedule than the standard AMA recommendation), and he felt the boys were covered for most everything. The only shot they received was for Hep. A. Dave and I finished up our rounds for Hep. A and B., which were the last ones that we needed before travel. Since I am not a vaccine lover, let's change the subject....

Dave called our agency today, because we still hadn't heard anything after our papers were delivered to the US Consulate in China. We were told they were going to picked up and delivered to the China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) next Monday. That is the last step before TA.

This could go on for a few more weeks. UGH.

However, Dave and I have written a letter which we are having translated into Chinese tomorrow. We are hoping, because Jade-Rose got accepted into the School of Arts and Sciences for August admission, that the officials at the CCAA will grant us a quicker travel approval for the sake of her education. That's what we are praying for anyway.

Since we have decided to bring the boys with us to China, so that the whole family can adopt Jade-Rose, and not just the parental figures, I thought I would post some pictures of the boys. They are very excited about having a sister and they cannot wait to teach her the ABC's and numbers! It is the opinion of many BTDT adoptive parents, that having children with you during the adoption process helps the new child to adjust easier within the family. It makes sense if you remember that for the last 5 years, she has been surrounded by children, living with children, eating and sleeping next to many children. I am hoping that with her new brothers there, she will feel less frightened then if it was just Dave and I. Two strangers that don't look like her or speak her language.

We are also thinking about our future as a family and family history and family memories. I think in the future it will be important to everyone, Jade-Rose and Alex and Nathan, that they were all together when our family of 4 became a family of 5.

Here are the world traveling 6 year olds...


  1. Found your blog recently and am delurking to say, yes I'm reading. We adopted our first daughter as an infant and are in process for our second daughter, a 7 yr old from Taiwan. We were not going to bring our A since she will only be 3 when we travel. You are very brave to travel with 2 six yr olds to meet an almost 6 yr old! ;0) Actually sounds like a good idea. Look forward to following your journey. Best wishes! Sandra

  2. Thank you Sandra. It's nice to know someone is out there. I can understand not bringing a 3 y.o. to Taiwan. And I understand how challenging it will be bringing 6 year olds squared! (esp. when one is a fussy eater!) But we are looking at is as an adventure, and b/c they are so close in age (6 months apart) I think it will be a good experience for all 3 kids.


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