Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two New Pictures of Jade-Rose

A very nice adoptive parent sent me these latest pictures of Jade-Rose/Chenjie that she took when she was at her SWI. She looks so cute.

I heard from another Luan parent today as well who met Chenjie and said she was smart and happy and an expert at playing Legos. That will be a great activity for her to share with her brothers in China!

Here are two pics:


  1. Ohhh, sigh, she is BEAUTIFUL!!! that sweet bright smile, remininscent of my own little one, great to get new pictures isn't it?! I just got a few new ones of my 7 yr old in Taiwan. Cuts both ways, but you're so close to travel now, its all good. ;0)

  2. It's SO nice to get pictures of her smiling. We've been told that she knows we are coming. We are blessed in that her SWI prepares the children ahead of time. I've read so many stories where other SWI's did not. The difference in the pictures that we receive now, versus the ones that we received in the beginning is huge.


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