Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chose an Agency!

Hi Everyone-
We decided on an agency, and thus a location of birth for our child, and it is Adopt-a-Child out of Pittsburgh, PA and they do Russian adoptions. Today is June 25th, and I have filled out our initial application and the attached $250. This is only the first of many pages of paper to fill out in the upcoming year before we bring home our daughter.
I talked on the phone with Amy at AAC about my idea for a toddler as opposed to a baby, and believe it or not, a toddler may be more difficult to get than a baby. We will see what God provides. I really want a toddler. They also ask if we would be willing to consider an Eurasian child as well as Caucasian, and I said Yes. Alot of people who adopt from Russia just want the blonde hair, blue eyed babies they are known for, and the Russian people themselves are less likely to adopt or foster Eurasian children, so our little girl might be dark haired like her daddy. Since both boys took after me in their coloring, if might be nice for Dave to have a dark haired child....
This is getting really exciting. I know there is still a long road ahead, and for everyone wanting to adopt a child, the waiting is the worse part. But I love to make decisions, and I have been doing research for weeks, and now an important decision has been made in our process. Just in case you were wondering, Dave is as excited about this as I am (as excited as Dave can get anyway...). He talks about it all the time, too. So, I think it is a happy decision on our part and a fulfillment of destiny.

Steps in the magazine acquisition are slower than desired. We had originally hoped to close by June 20th, but our funds have not rolled over yet into our Guidant account, so it looks like we won't get the magazine until July. Oh well, whatever will be will be. I'm sure it will occur in the perfect time.

Friday, June 12, 2009

This blogging is fun.  I hope I keep up with it!
Today is June 12th, and although I really like the communication that I have had with the original adoption agency (and they have been very well reviewed by many people), I think we may be going with a different agency.
Dave and I *think* we have narrowed the country down to Russia.  For me, Bulgaria was too unsure, unpredictable and too lengthy a wait for a child.  Kazakhstan has a very good program, where the children are very well taken care of, and I have met a child here in Tallahassee from Kazakhstan and she is beautiful and intelligent.  We were leaning that way for awhile, but I kept having an uneasiness.  Those of you who know me, know that I make many of my decisions about life based on instinct and the "vibes" that I get about things.  I couldn't quell the uneasiness.  Another drawback for us, but is good in a different way for others, is the length of stay required for Kazakhstan.  Over 6 weeks!  That includes 2 weeks bonding time for you and the child prior to adoption proceedings.  Which is a very nice idea.  However, I just couldn't see being away from my boys that long, and Dave would have to travel with me for much of it as well.
So, then we said to ourselves, "what about Russia?"  So I started to do more research (as is my nature) and discovered that Russia did their own accreditation efforts in 2007, and have only accredited a small number of agencies to work with them.  As well reviewed as my original agency is, they were not on the Russia list.  When I asked them about this, they said they work with one of the agencies that is accredited.  My interpretation of that, is more people involved, more potential costs, potential increase in wait time.
In my research, I discovered an agency that Russia did choose, and they are out of Pittsburgh.  Again, for those of you who know us, most of Dave's family/clan are all in Pittsburgh!  We love Pittsburgh and the people who live there, so that was a big draw for us.
I actually called their offices today, instead of e-mailing, and will be receiving my first set of informational packets from them by mail.  My communication with the other agency was purely by e-mail.
So, that's where we are today with the adoption process.  Still very much in the beginning stages, but today I made a call, spoke with a human being, and will be receiving adoption items in the mail.  I think today counts as the first physical step towards adoption.  Previously, I had made intellectual and emotional steps towards the process.  Today I actually DID something.

In regards to our other journey, the magazine, today Dave and I signed some paperwork and will be calling an attorney for a conference call as some of the final stages in our incorporation procedures.  We have to be incorporated first, as Enlightened Florida Ventures, before officially buying the magazine.  But it is all falling into place.  What a year 2009 is going to be for us!

Monday, June 8, 2009

  I welcome anyone who has decided to come along and follow me on the newest journeys going on in my life.  The first adventure is about me becoming the new editor and publisher of a magazine.  The magazine is called Natural Awakenings, and is about all things natural, holistic, alternative and green.  We are joyful to have this kind of opportunity, to work on something that may be a benefit for our community, and something that will promote ideas that we believe in.  We are in the final stages of creating our corporation.  Once that is accomplished, then we will be able to sign the paperwork and take over the magazine.  Tentatively, the first issue under my heading will be August.  The month of my birth.  Fitting, I say.

The other adventure that we may be about to begin, is one of adoption.  Dave and I have talked about it on several occasions over the past couple of years.  I always seem to talk myself out of it for awhile, and then the idea comes up again.  It just won't seem to go away, so I am deciding to let the energy of the universe flow through me and see if this is a path the Universe/God wants me to go on.  

We are starting to get very excited!  We are looking into an international adoption and are still trying to decide on which country.  So if anyone has any ideas or opinions please feel free to share.  Right now, we are considering Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Russia.  Today is June 9th and we started our correspondence with a particular agency on May 26th.  So, I guess that will be our start date.  How exciting is this!  We are hoping to bring a daughter into our lives, and a sister for our twin boys.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to my new adventures.

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