Friday, June 12, 2009

This blogging is fun.  I hope I keep up with it!
Today is June 12th, and although I really like the communication that I have had with the original adoption agency (and they have been very well reviewed by many people), I think we may be going with a different agency.
Dave and I *think* we have narrowed the country down to Russia.  For me, Bulgaria was too unsure, unpredictable and too lengthy a wait for a child.  Kazakhstan has a very good program, where the children are very well taken care of, and I have met a child here in Tallahassee from Kazakhstan and she is beautiful and intelligent.  We were leaning that way for awhile, but I kept having an uneasiness.  Those of you who know me, know that I make many of my decisions about life based on instinct and the "vibes" that I get about things.  I couldn't quell the uneasiness.  Another drawback for us, but is good in a different way for others, is the length of stay required for Kazakhstan.  Over 6 weeks!  That includes 2 weeks bonding time for you and the child prior to adoption proceedings.  Which is a very nice idea.  However, I just couldn't see being away from my boys that long, and Dave would have to travel with me for much of it as well.
So, then we said to ourselves, "what about Russia?"  So I started to do more research (as is my nature) and discovered that Russia did their own accreditation efforts in 2007, and have only accredited a small number of agencies to work with them.  As well reviewed as my original agency is, they were not on the Russia list.  When I asked them about this, they said they work with one of the agencies that is accredited.  My interpretation of that, is more people involved, more potential costs, potential increase in wait time.
In my research, I discovered an agency that Russia did choose, and they are out of Pittsburgh.  Again, for those of you who know us, most of Dave's family/clan are all in Pittsburgh!  We love Pittsburgh and the people who live there, so that was a big draw for us.
I actually called their offices today, instead of e-mailing, and will be receiving my first set of informational packets from them by mail.  My communication with the other agency was purely by e-mail.
So, that's where we are today with the adoption process.  Still very much in the beginning stages, but today I made a call, spoke with a human being, and will be receiving adoption items in the mail.  I think today counts as the first physical step towards adoption.  Previously, I had made intellectual and emotional steps towards the process.  Today I actually DID something.

In regards to our other journey, the magazine, today Dave and I signed some paperwork and will be calling an attorney for a conference call as some of the final stages in our incorporation procedures.  We have to be incorporated first, as Enlightened Florida Ventures, before officially buying the magazine.  But it is all falling into place.  What a year 2009 is going to be for us!

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