Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chose an Agency!

Hi Everyone-
We decided on an agency, and thus a location of birth for our child, and it is Adopt-a-Child out of Pittsburgh, PA and they do Russian adoptions. Today is June 25th, and I have filled out our initial application and the attached $250. This is only the first of many pages of paper to fill out in the upcoming year before we bring home our daughter.
I talked on the phone with Amy at AAC about my idea for a toddler as opposed to a baby, and believe it or not, a toddler may be more difficult to get than a baby. We will see what God provides. I really want a toddler. They also ask if we would be willing to consider an Eurasian child as well as Caucasian, and I said Yes. Alot of people who adopt from Russia just want the blonde hair, blue eyed babies they are known for, and the Russian people themselves are less likely to adopt or foster Eurasian children, so our little girl might be dark haired like her daddy. Since both boys took after me in their coloring, if might be nice for Dave to have a dark haired child....
This is getting really exciting. I know there is still a long road ahead, and for everyone wanting to adopt a child, the waiting is the worse part. But I love to make decisions, and I have been doing research for weeks, and now an important decision has been made in our process. Just in case you were wondering, Dave is as excited about this as I am (as excited as Dave can get anyway...). He talks about it all the time, too. So, I think it is a happy decision on our part and a fulfillment of destiny.

Steps in the magazine acquisition are slower than desired. We had originally hoped to close by June 20th, but our funds have not rolled over yet into our Guidant account, so it looks like we won't get the magazine until July. Oh well, whatever will be will be. I'm sure it will occur in the perfect time.

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  1. Donna! What exciting times. I have friends with experience in international adoption. They adopted twice from Guatemala and I am sure they would be happy to share their experiences/challenges/blessings. Let me know if you'd like their contact information. Thanks for inviting me to your blog!


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