Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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Hi Everyone

I know my last post said I was being all decisive, and that we had selected an agency and a nation to adopt from. Nope. Incorrect. As much as I believe that AAC is a very good agency especially if you want a child from Russia, Dave and I are now looking into an independent adoption from the Ukraine.

Again, even after we made the AAC decision, something just didn't feel right. I depend too much on my intuition, and my intuition kept nudging me. So, more research I continued to do (which is also why I hadn't been adding to my blog). One of my dearest friends is originally from the Ukraine, and I kept going back to Ukraine, but all the agencies were saying that the Ukraine was only allowing older kids or special needs children. Through my research, I have discovered that many people go through independent adoptions in the Ukraine, and are getting younger, healthy children.

Nothing is for sure yet, but this is the way we are presently leaning and are focusing our (my) research. Some positives about an independent adoption include much, much less expensive, and shorter wait times for a referral. Some negatives include, going "blind" to the Ukraine and examining children offered to us as possibilities, not having medical information prior to flying over to Europe, no agency support if something happens overseas. We wouldn't be going over alone, there are English speaking facilitators that would work with us along the way, we just would not have the security of an American agency support.

So, that's our latest update. I guess I should learn not to say "we've figured it out for sure." Just thought I would keep you updated, and letting you know we are still in process, but have not yet made a decision.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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