Friday, July 10, 2009

OK. Two posts on the same night. This one is about the adoption and magazine.

In previous posts, I mentioned that Dave and I *thought* we had chosen Russia to adopt our daughter. But for some reason, both of us had an uneasy feeling that we were headed in the wrong direction. Not that Russia and it's children aren't beautiful and wonderful, but Dave and I were trying to figure out what path God wanted us to take, and it just didn't feel like that was the one. So I did more research (what else is new) and we DID finally decide on something!

We have decided to do an Independent Adoption to Ukraine. This will save us thousands of dollars and Dave likes the idea of the "adventure" of it all. I'm not sure that I want to put the word *adventure* together with *adoption.* I prefer words like, *secure,* safe,* healthy,* peaceful, etc.* You get my drift.... Dave always says we like to do things that other people are afraid to do. I think doing an independent adoption to an Eastern European country certainly qualifies to be put in that category.

For those of you who have gone before us, and have brought home wonderful children, thank you for blazing the trail. For those of you reading this and wondering if an independent adoption to Ukraine is for you, feel free to jump on board and follow our *adventure* (peaceful, healthy adventure). I promise to keep up with my blog, and fill you in every step of the way. For those of you who are friends and family, please always keep us in your thoughts and prayers, so that we are able to bring home a healthy little girl, who will be the perfect addition to our family.

Based on my research, I came across a wonderful woman who lives in Florida and has adopted 8 children from Ukraine. Yep, you read that right, eight! She has dedicated her life since her earlier adoptions to help others do the same, and rescue some of the approximate 100,000(+) children who live in orphanages in Ukraine. She is the one who will assist us throughout our independent adoption. For those of you who are here to do adoption research, I have posted a picture of her website icon. Ukrainian Angels. She has some wonderful stories on her site for all to read. We have sent in our application and our first check, so it is OFFICIAL. WE HAVE BEGUN! It is only the beginning of the many pieces of paper we will have to fill out to accomplish our dream. But the first step has been made... One small step for us, one giant leap for adoption! (I think Neil Armstrong will allow me to paraphrase).

As far as the magazine, we are getting closer and closer. Without giving away too many banking details, we are on the last leg, waiting for some money to be rolled over into our new business accounts. We are hoping that all is falling into place. I am presently working with the departing editor this month, in preparation for my first issue to come out in August. Yippee! It's getting very exciting. And any way you look at it, there are many blessings in Tallahassee flowing our way.

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