Friday, July 17, 2009

Magazine update and charity video!

Hi Everyone!

Things are moving along with the magazine. I met with the departing editor twice this week for training, and we are working to put together the August issue. MY first issue. It's totally amazing. I can't believe I'm going to be an editor and publisher of a magazine. Very cool. Dave and I went to the bank today and deposited our money into our business accounts. All we have to do now is wait for the checks to clear and then fill out the contracts. The magazine might be officially mine by the end of next week, or beginning of the following week.

My friend Ansley who is a professional photographer, will be taking my headshot this Saturday to put on the editorial page of the mag. Can't say that I am looking forward to that, as I have a bit of a phobia getting my picture taken. But I love Ansley, and if anyone can make me laugh and feel relaxed it will be her. Plus I think a bottle of Proseco will go along way with helping me get where I need to be! Cheers!

Here is Ansley's website. If you live in Tallahassee or Southern Georgia, please consider her for your wedding and portrait needs. She is incredibly talented and fun to be around.

I don't have any other adoption news other than this video that I have posted to my blog. There are all kinds of emotions that I have been experiencing while considering adopting a child, and sometimes the emotions are all over the place. For example,

1. My baseline emotion is that "my daughter is already born and out there."
This makes me emotional, like any Mom, that my child needs me and I'm not there.
2. Then there are times that I'm absolutely scared of the whole process, and
question whether or not I should do this.
3. I have twin, bio boys who are 5. Sometimes I wonder if I should be doing
this and disrupt the family dynamic that already exists between us.
4. Sometimes I wonder "what if my daughter is somewhere else rather than
5. Then the cycle continues and I'm back to emotion #1.

So, that's where I am at the present time. Even though sharing this information is a bit personal, I have included it for people who will be coming to my blog in search of adoption information or more specifically, Ukrainian adoption information. It also gives people who already know us, an indication where I/we are in our thought processes. How much have we considered what we are doing? The answer is "quite a bit." Me, more than Dave probably, but I think women in general think more about the emotional implications of all things related to their families. Dave right now is focused on the happy ending. He is supportive of the adoption and of having a little girl in his life, but he also hasn't done all of the research that I have done, nor read some of the horror stories that I have come across. Many happy stories, but not all, and Ukraine is not known for making things easy for American adoptive families. My hope is that God will have his presence in our lives as we go through the process, and then the wait and then the blessing of our daughter. This is what we pray for, and we hope what you are praying for on our behalf.

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