Monday, March 22, 2010

Papers to China!

Today is March 22 and our Dossier went to China today! It is 7:02pm and I finally heard from our agency confirming that the dossier, indeed, was mailed today.

I don't know what this really means? I am not sure how long a response from China will take or what my next steps are. If you are a BTDT adoption parent, feel free to educate me. If you are reading and learning along with me, then as soon as I learn something, I will add that information to the blog.

Thank you for sharing in the little joys with me. The hurry-up-and-waits are truly the most difficult part in the adoption process.
All of the paperwork is a pain in the patookis, but the WAITING, is by far the hardest aspect.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Wo ai ni Mommy!

Today's post is about the new documentary Wo ai ni Mommy (I love you Mommy). I can't wait to see it, unfortunately it will not be shown on PBS until this fall, but the trailer is great. I have a widget attached to my blog if you are interested in helping out the young director who created the movie.
For those of you who are involved in adoptions from China, this movie - I am sure - will be particularly touching.

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