Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Can you believe it? A smidge faster than the present timeline schedule. Our agency rep figured it would be about August 5th, and we got it July 26. Yesterday actually. This is my first chance to get on the blog. Yesterday I was a bit numb from the news, and today I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Not this Chicken

Today's Run Around:

1. I had to Fed Ex our 4 Visa applications to Chicago. For those of you on this adoption process, we used Denise Hope in Illinois whose business name is There's Always Hope - document and visa courier. Our agency rep recommended her because she can go to the Chinese Consulate in Chicago, where it is less busy and has a quick turn around time. Our visas should be back here by next week, August 5th.

2. Before sending off the Visas, all 4 of us had to get more passport photos taken. We went to Walgreens, and they all came out really nice. Dave and I both said we wish those pictures were the ones in our passports. Boy, do we have some unflattering shots in our passport books. I hope we don't scare anyone when they open them up at Immigration. :-0

3. After passport photos, we went to Dr. Ness's office. We were there just last week when Nathan was diagnosed with strep. But I was feeling poorly with a terrible ear ache, so we all went back to be tested for strep. Dave was the only one who tested + for strep. Dr. Ness thinks my ear pain was from an infection in my gums where I had a tooth extracted.
Anyway, 3 out of 4 of us are on Amoxicillin.

4. I finally finished the little photo album we made for Jade-Rose, and I really wanted to get it in the mail today so *HOPEFULLY* she will have it before we get to China. She has a couple of pictures of us now, that I sent last October, and tonight I will be sending some to our China Facilitator by e-mail who will send those on to her as well. I was procrastinating a bit with the photo album because I didn't expect TA so quickly. I think it came out really cute. Inside the album, on one side is a plastic sleeve for a picture, and on the opposite page a place for you to write things down. We typed in simple words in a Chinese translator, so the description, opposite the picture that I put in there, is in English, Chinese characters and Pin Yin.

I only took a picture of the cover of the album. I literally had to race to the post office before it closed by 5. The outside of the album has Disney Princesses on it, with a little plastic heart. Inside the heart are little tiny beads which move around. It's really sweet. Here's hoping it arrives before we do.

That's about it for today. I'll tell ya, it felt like alot.


  1. oh YAY, you GOT IT! Wonderful! My little Alea was sitting on my lap and she said "oh, PRINCESSES, I WANT those!" about the album you're sending. And I was just thinking "lucky Mommy, your wait is ending, go get that beautiful little girl!" Truly so happy for you.

  2. Thank you so much. We are feeling very happy, too.
    I appreciate your daughter's good taste in Disney memorabilia! I love that little album.


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