Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I-800 and National Visa Center papers

I am a bit behind in my posting. On May 22, my last post announced that we had received our I-800. In actuality, we received the receipt that we wanted our I-800. You should have seen this "receipt," VERY official looking, and therefore it fooled us quite successfully.

We did get our official I-800 on June 2nd. We then received our National Visa Center approval paper (looking NOT AT ALL official) yesterday, June 21st. So, now we have more dates to add to our timeline.

Our papers will now be hand delivered to the US Consulate in Guangzhou, and then after their approval, the papers will sashay over to CCAA for the FINAL travel approval (TA). Gosh, can you say F*R*U*S*T*R*A*T*I*N*G.....? I just want her home already!

Dave and I are so hoping to travel in July instead of August. We are so hoping to be able to spend some time with her as a family before she begins school. We live in Florida, so school starts in August for us.

Please pray for us and our ability to get this little girl home as soon as possible. I know in God's hands he can assist the powers that be in China to move quicker on her behalf. But as always, I will fill you in on our happenings and time line.

Here are some recent pictures of Jade-Rose, that a lovely new adoptive Mom sent to me when she was at Jade-Rose's SWI adopting her new son. I love these pics because she is smiling! (Thank you, Tasha)
And she has hair!! Did you notice the little pony-tail on top of her head. I'm so glad they are letting her hair grow out.

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  1. Your daughter is so beautiful. We are also traveling in July (hopefully July 18th) to get our 3.5 year old daughter of Guilin. Waiting on TA. Patty, Seattle (not Corban like the comment says)


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