Sunday, February 21, 2010

US Homeland Security - Oh My!

On February 5th, Dave and I received two VERY official looking documents from the US Homeland Security department, informing us of our appointment for fingerprinting. It would be in Jacksonville, FL on February 16th glad our appointment was for first thing in the morning, because we could see how it could get crazy crowded in there by the afternoon. We also heard the security guard 'loudly' try to humiliate a woman because she arrived after her appointment time. (Not nice.)

Nowadays, taking your fingerprints is all digital on a computer. The woman who did mine was an experienced pro, but she too, had problems with some of my fingers as the local sheriff office did (maybe I should become a burglar?), so she also did my fingerprints with ink. She said if the FBI rejected my digital prints, that she already had the back up prints to mail to them, so that I would not have to drive back to them from Tallahassee. Now wasn't that nice of her??
I don't know how long it will take before we hear anything. I will let you know when we do.

Speaking of not knowing when we will hear something..... For those of you following our story, our extension was until February 16th, well, today is the 22nd and we do not know if we have another extension. Last week (Feb. 14th) was Chinese New Year - year of the Tiger. CNY is the most important holiday of the whole year for the Chinese people, and I have been told by our lovely Chinese friend and the boys tutor, that the Chinese celebrate for a week, so all of the official offices were closed last week. I hope we will hear something soon and I will let you know.

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