Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I-800A Approval!

Yeah! We received our I-800A approval in the mail. Today's date is February 24th. For those of you keeping track, we received it a week after our fingerprints went to the FBI.

We also spoke with our representative at AAC yesterday to find out if we have received our second extension or not. But they have not heard from China yet, and apparently the e-mail that they sent to China had not yet been opened. They believe due to the office closings for Chinese New Year, that they are probably backed up with alot of different adoption requests. We have been promised that they will contact us as soon as they hear something.

So, as I have stated on earlier posts, Dave and I are plodding along with our steps as if the extension is a done deal, with the hopes of getting our daughter home as soon as possible.

We have other news, too, which involves Chen Jie's name. We have decided against the name Genevieve and have chosen something else. It's a long story, so I am saving it for another post. But I wanted to give you a "head's up."

Keep thinking positive thoughts for us and the little girl in China who waits for us!

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