Sunday, January 17, 2010

Picture Catching Up!

Here is some happy news to add to the blog. One of the girls from ChenJie's CWI was adopted a couple of months ago. Her mother posted several pictures of many of the children from a camera given to her by the nannies at the orphanage. ChenJie is in almost every picture! I received these pictures in the evening, on a day where I had cried all day, wondering if we were going to be able to go through with the adoption. I considered these pictures a great gift! Right when I needed one.

Elyse is the girl in the orange top, and ChenJie is the one in blue. What is particularly special, is that in these two pictures, we see ChenJie's smile for the first time. I have a number of pictures of her, but none with smiles, not even on her birthday. But apparently on this day, the children were allowed to be outside on their playground equipment. All the kids look happy.

I hope you like these pics. I also hope the nannies at the CWI prepare the other children, when one of them goes away due to adoption. I am only showing you two pictures here, but in the batch that Elyse's mother sent, ChenJie was in 20 pictures! Almost all of them, sitting right next to Elyse.

I am hoping (as a mother worries) that they prepared ChenJie when her good friend had to go away.
It is moments like this, that keep us going in this emotional, and uncertain process which is called international adoption.

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