Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chen Jie's Birthday

Prior to the Christmas music video that I just posted, I had not made a post since October 25th. Chen Jie's birthday is October 27th and as seen in an earlier post we arranged for a birthday cake and presents to be sent to her and the other children at her CWI (orphanage). The nannies at the CWI were kind enough to send pictures of the event.

My first emotional "breakdown" over this adoption process was when I saw a picture of ChenJie with icing all over her face and eating with her hands, as if she was unable to feed herself properly (at the age of 5). I would later find out this is a Chinese tradition to do to the "birthday child," to smoosh icing all over. You can see by the look on Chen Jie's face that she is NOT thrilled by this tradition. Me either, kid, me either!

You can also see in the middle picture, there are 6 candles lit instead of 5. China has been known to get children's age's wrong, and I felt this was another issue that may have come up. Once I researched it, I was told by a Chinese woman living in China, that the Chinese add birthday's up differently than we do. She said in the US, Chen Jie was turing 5, but in China, they count the time that the baby is in the womb, so once a baby is born, they are already a year old. Did you know that? That was a new one for me, too.

Enjoy the pictures. Can the Chinese make an elaborate birthday cake or what?!

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