Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Received our PA or IA today!

Good news on the adoption front. We received our Pre-Approval (PA) today, August 18th! Our agency called it an IA, so apparently China has changed its acronyms again, but so what, they mean the same thing. We are pre-approved to adopt our little girl!

Our application, LOI or Nurture Plan (name changing again) and family photo went to China on August 13th. Which means we got a response in less than a week! I think that has to be a record. Let's hope it is reflective of all the responses from China.

We now have to complete our homestudy and dossier. China has asked for it to be completed by November 18th. If we need an extension, they usually will grant one. Let's hope we don't. After our dossier is in China, it is 2-4 months for official approval, then 2-4 months after that for TA or travel approval.

Wow. It is so exciting for us, and potentially so terrifying for her. We can now contact her and send care packages and our photos so her orphanage (or CWI), can prepare her for the adoption. Her birthday is at the end of October, so we are also permitted to send her gifts and a birthday cake from her Mommy and Daddy (Mama & Baba).

Please keep praying for our family, but especially for her. I'll keep you all updated!

Now that I can post her pictures..... isn't she cute?

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