Monday, August 31, 2009

Love Without Boundaries Video

I thought I would post this video from Love Without Boundaries. It is a wonderful charity that works in many regions all over China. They have created a video that helps encourage people to consider bringing a special needs (SN) child into their lives. They explain in a beautiful way how many of the SN are very manageable and/or easily correctable.

For example, our daughter has a small cleft palate in the back of her mouth, that will be very easy to fix through surgery. After her surgery, and perhaps speech therapy, she will live a totally healthy and normal life. Last week, I met a woman in Tallahassee who adopted a SN baby from China with a "heart defect." When she brought the child to a heart specialist here in the states, he said the hole in her heart was so tiny, that surgery wasn't necessary and her own heart would heal itself. So that woman thought she was bringing home a SN child, and actually came home with a healthy one.

Towards the end of the video, they show websites that can be of use to a pre-adoptive parent (PAP) in their research to determine if SN is the way for them to complete their family. At about 9:41 in the video they show the website, which is a website that lists SN children from all over the world, and the adoption agencies that are working to find them homes. It was from that list that we found Lu Chen Jie/Genevieve. In fact, her information was posted with the picture of her below in the pink dress.

Enjoy the video. If you are looking for a charity to support, this is a wonderful one that does so much good for so many children. Check out their website, and be amazed.

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