Sunday, August 22, 2010

Did you know that Nathan and Alex were Celebrities..?

Apparently in China they are. We actually have accomplished a great deal of site seeing in Beijing considering we have only been here for about 3 days, and we thought we would be adjusting more to jet lag.

I already shared with you the Great Wall athletic event that we accomplished. We also have gone to the Forbidden City twice and Tiananmen Square which is across the street. Dave and the boys went to the Temple of Heaven and I went to the Pearl Market (did I buy pearls, oh yes!).

People stare at us quite a bit as there are not too many blondes in China, but what is most amusing are the amount of people who want their picture taken with Nathan and Alex. Even if not getting their picture taken with the boys, various people would get out of their seats on the subway so the boys could sit down. Even elderly women were doing this, no matter how hard I tried to stop them.

Twins in China are called shuang bao. Twin boys are considered particularly good luck. Many people stop us and tell us how much good luck it is to have twin boys. (they clearly have not spent a great deal of time with twin boys I imagine, but yes, we do feel lucky).

Here are some publicity shots for the boys:I forgot to mention that the first day we were at the Forbidden City, it was raining all day, thus the raincoats.

Here is a family pic before we went inside.The other photo op for the boys was when they went to the Temple of Heaven. This time an older girl wanted her picture taken with them. You will notice one of the twins is missing. That is because Alex likes to wander off and not listen to Daddy.... Here is Nathan and his new friend.Dave and the boys at the Temple of Heaven.
I forgot to mention that the way we have been getting around the city is via the fantastic subway system in Beijing. Because of the Olympics, signs all over the place include English (or Pin Yin) as well as Chinese. The subways were easy to navigate and very clean. Crowding was another issue, but then again, this IS China.
Here are the 3 boys in the subway.For those of you who are reading this blog from the States, we are a day ahead of you. Presently, it is Monday August 23rd and we are about to go get Jade-Rose in about 10 minutes. I am writing this blog to try to get us caught up before it is the Gotcha Day announcement.

I hope you are enjoying moments of our trip and please continue to have us in your thoughts and prayers.

4 planes down.... only 5 more and a train to go.....


  1. So exciting! I'd wish you Good luck on your special day but it seems you travel with yours (twin boys)!

  2. Oh my gosh! So that means that now as I am reading this you have already met Jade-Rose!!! Eeeek! I can't WAIT for that post! Love the stories about the toboggan off the Great Wall and the celebrity status of your precious boys. It already sounds so amazing but I know it will get even better from here!

  3. You must be with your daughter now! Congratulations! I told QingXin Julian, Chen-Jie Jade-Rose, was meeting her mommy and daddy today and he was very happy! He remembers her from Lu'An. We cannot wait to see pictures of your family together at last!

  4. Congratulations to all of you!!!! Jie Jie is so beautiful and sweet! Marisa and Brian are intrigued, amazed, excited, and are looking forward to many play dates with Jie Jie, Nathan, and Alex. Wishing you much happiness on this most amazing journey of a lifetime!

    All the best and see you soon!
    Donna, Bill, Marisa, and Brian McNulty
    PS - When are you expected to arrive at the TLH airport?


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