Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The beginning of many Firsts....

The adoption and bonding process continues. As a family unit we are all doing very well. After reading many stories about other Chinese adoptions prior to coming over here, and the possible problems or hurdles to get over, we do not seem to be experiencing any of them. She is a happy girl. We can hold her, touch her, hug her, kiss her and she loves it all. She and the boys play great together and she is always smiling. Sometimes when she is experiencing something new for a first time (which is just about everything) she will hesitate. But you can tell she is just looking and observing and figuring out what is expected of her.... then she does whatever it is. So far, she has not been overwhelmed nor have we seen any tantrums.

The pictures I will attach will be some of the official adoption photos. We had to go back to the Civil Affairs office the day after we got Chen Jie for her official adoption from Anhui Province. They asked us if "we were satisfied with the child" and "why did we want to adopt a child from China?"This next picture is our official family portrait after all the documents were signed. We are standing in front of the official emblem of either China or the Communist party. We took over 7 photos trying to get a decent one. This one turned out the best, even though Alex looks a bit like Popeye.Fairly close to our hotel in Hefei is a public park with a little amusement park in it. The children went on a few rides. Here were some moments of "firsts" for Chen Jie/Jade-Rose. Here is the first time she went on a slide. Ignore the precarious body posture where it looks like she is about to fall off the ancient slide on to cement. She got better at it as she kept doing it.Then we went on a little ride. Notice the hesitant look on her face. But in the end she liked it. Good thing, as her brothers are big amusement park riders (did I just hear someone say Disney?).
Here are other ride pictures.
This picture here of the group of people standing at a ride, was our entourage. No, I am not exaggerating when I say that. This was the group of people who followed us around and stood at each ride to watch the kids. There were so many people, I could not get up to the ride to watch my own children. The ride operator saw me and let me in, so I could stand near by while the ride was in motion.For our final photos of the day, we have the first time eating an ice cream cone with her brothers. She is always smiling like this. Whether or not she has an ice cream or not. I can't wait for you all to meet her.Tomorrow will be the trip back to the orphanage.....


  1. OH Donna!!!! Tears are just streaming down my face as I've read this for the third time!!! I can't get over the transformation of Jade-Rose. It's remarkable! Your family photo is just beautiful. How are YOU doing with not crying?! :)So very, very happy for you and Dave and the kids. Can't WAIT to see you all! Elizabeth

  2. Congratulations!!!!! We are so excited for all of you. Jade-Rose is beautiful and so sweet! What great pictures and what a wonderful family photo. We're enjoying all of your pictures and description of your trip. Marisa and Brian are fascinated, excited, asking many questions and are looking forward to many play dates together! It's the journey of a lifetime! Congrats to you all! Donna, Bill, Marisa, and Brian. PS - when does your flight arrive in TLH?


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