Saturday, October 24, 2009

It has been a several weeks since I last made a post on this blog. We are in the midst of the paperchase, and had hit some snags. We even pulled back a little emotionally, in case the adoption falls through. But right now it hasn't, and we are focusing on that positive aspect, and are continuing to move forward until someone in authority tells us not to. We have not received all of our paperwork, and China's deadline for us is approaching. They normally do give extensions, so we are waiting to hear.
Chen Jie's birthday is listed in her files as October 27th. We arranged for a care package to be sent to her. It has a stuffed panda bear, candy for the nanny's and other children, a letter from us translated into Chinese, three pictures from us and a big birthday cake. It also includes a disposable camera, with the hopes that the nanny's will take pictures of Chen Jie and the other children. Let's keep our finger's crossed that the nanny's will take pictures and CJ will actually smile! I have a few pictures of her now, but none with a smile on her face.

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